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Faculty Spotlight: “By Design”

Veda Storey, Tull Professor of Computer Information Systems

Ph.D., University of British Columbia; MBA, Queen’s University, Ontario; BS, Mt. Allison University, Ontario; ARCT, University of Toronto, Toronto

veda-storeyWhen Tull Professor of Computer Information Systems Veda Storey was a Ph.D. student, she won the International Centre for Information Technology award for best dissertation. She has since
expanded that research into a book, View Creation: An Expert System for Database Design, and joined the faculty of the Robinson College.

Storey teaches information systems management classes with the express goal of helping students gain an appreciation of the impact of information technology on business and society. One way she involves students is by having them present and lead discussions, which helps expand their thinking and creativity.

Her research focuses on developing tools and techniques to make computer systems more intuitive to users’ needs. Although there is an increasing amount of information available on the World Wide Web, it is often retrieved without a proper interpretation or reference to context. This lack of understanding of semantics in information systems is one of the grand challenges of computing today and is the basis for Storey’s work.

Her research on conceptual modeling and information systems design has been published in scholarly journals such as ACM Transactions, Information and Management, and Management Information Systems Quarterly.

Storey, who hails from Millview, Prince Edward Island, Canada, also is secretary-treasurer and vice president of information systems of Meliora Research Associates in Rochester, N.Y. She serves on the steering committee for the Workshop on Information Conference on Conceptual Modeling as well as the steering committee for the Workshop on Information Technologies and Systems. At the community level, Storey serves on the Board of Advisors for the Alliance Theatre.