Bachelor of Business Administration

What is Information Systems?

Information Systems (IS) is the use of computers and information to enable people and organizations to be more creative and productive. Studying information systems involves learning to:

  1. identify the needs of an individual or organization
  2. design and develop systems to meet those requirements
  3. deploy these systems to solve real-world problems

These solutions can involve applying the latest technology to improve the delivery of products and services, while insuring that the systems are secure.

CIS students establish a robust foundation that prepares them to pursue either a business career with a strong understanding of how technology (leading-edge and contemporary) facilitates achieving business objectives or a technology career with a strong understanding of how business objectives drive information systems toward achieving business goals.

Information Systems is distinguished from computer science (which is a department in the College of Arts & Sciences) in that it is more business-focused. Computer scientists focus more on computer hardware, computer languages and specialized systems software.

Why Major in Information Systems?

  • CIS majors will hold three of the top eight growth jobs over the next 8 years (Bureau of Labor Statistics).
  • CIS majors will enter careers with strong salaries (Careers in Information Systems and Hot CIS Jobs).
  • CIS majors are an integral part of an environment led by an internationally recognized CIS department that maintains strong relationships with the business community.
  • CIS majors have leading-edge tools and techniques in their grasp (MSDNAA, Rational Suite Enterprise, IBM products and Oracle).

(For job descriptions of systems analysts and others, see the Bureau of Labor Statistics »)
Take a look at the Bureau of Labor’s IS Job Growth Forecast. »

What will I study?

CIS majors should take CIS 2010, CIS 3001, CIS 3300, and CIS 3730 as soon as possible during their program.

Also note, students must have completed [or will be complete with] CIS 3001, 3300, and 3730 before being allowed to take the capstone class CIS 4980.

Essential Program Information

Faculty Contact

Bala Ramesh, Ph.D
Department chair

To Apply

For more information on applying to the Undergraduate Program, contact the Georgia State University Office of Admissions.