Undergraduate Study

The Department of Computer Information Systems cooperates with the Department of Health Administration to offer a specialization in Health Informatics for the BBA CIS major. The purpose of this specialization is to produce graduates that know how to effectively deploy information technology to innovate medical services and administrative processes within the healthcare industry.

Health Informatics Specialization

To graduate with a specialization in Health Informatics, students are required to complete a BBA CIS major along with the following RCB electives in Health Administration (9 hours) during these semesters:

These two classes are required:

HA 3900
The Healthcare System
HA 3970
Health Information Systems

The third class can be one of the following:

HA 3910
Health Policy in the U.S.
HA 3950
Health Economics
HA 4620
Healthcare Operations Management

See the HA course offering schedule below.

Suggested Program of Study

You should complete CIS 2010 before your junior year. CIS 2010 is offered every semester.

Year One

Fall Spring Summer
CIS 3300 CIS 3730
CIS 3001 CIS 4120
HA 3900 HA 3910

Year Two

Fall Spring Summer
CIS 4680 CIS 4980 or
CIS 4970
CIS 3320
 HA 3970

Schedule of Classes: Health Informatics

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