Master of Business Administration

Students can elect to pursue a managerial focus or technical focus within this degree program. Prerequisites may be required for individual courses.

The CIS Department has eliminated the programming prerequisite for the MBA IS concentration and major. Many of the 8000-level courses in the CIS Department are managerially oriented (see below). Now you may take these managerially oriented CIS courses with no programming prerequisite. Folks who wish a more technically focused concentration still have this option open to them. Please contact Ephraim McLean at emclean@gsu.edu if you have questions or suggestions.

Concentrations Offered

MBA students majoring in Information Systems may choose between five different concentrations.

  • Information Systems Management
  • Information Systems Development and Project Management
  • Health Informatics
  • The Wireless Organization
  • Information Systems Business Process Innovation (will be available soon; check with your CIS advisor)

These concentrations are the same as we offered previously in our no-longer-available MS IS. The only difference is in the core offering: the MBA has a core of all business courses, where the MS degree had a core of all Information Systems courses. Learn more about these five concentrations available to the MBA IS student.

CIS Curriculum Offerings Plan

The CIS Curriculum Offerings Plan, which includes semester scheduling, can enable you to more reliably predict when courses will be offered. This plan includes CIS graduate-level (8000) courses as possible electives for MBA students. See the current offerings. »

Other Courses in the MBA Curriculum

Learn more about the other courses required in the MBA program »

To find out other information not specific to the IS curriculum, please contact the MBA advisors at the Office of Graduate Recruiting and Students Services.  Information about tuition, GMAT and application deadlines is available at the Flexible MBA website.

Managerially Oriented Courses

Technically Oriented Courses

MBA Career Paths

There are four IT-related MBA Career Paths offered. Learn more about these career paths on the main Flexible MBA web pages: