Connect with CIS

Connecting with Students

There are a number of ways that your company can engage students from Georgia State University, enhancing their educational experience while working on real-world projects for you. As outlined below, students can work in project teams, as interns, or as full-time co-op students. Most assignments provide degree credit for the students, as well as offering them, subject to the needs of your company, the opportunity for them to earn money to help with their educational expenses. It also allows you – and the students – to gain experience with each other in order to gauge the prospects of permanent employment. In addition to bringing these students into your company, members of your staff can reach out and serve as mentors to these students. For those who wish to play an even more active role, there are opportunities to serve as adjunct faculty members, teaching regularly-scheduled undergraduate or graduate courses at Georgia State.

Project Teams

Teams consist of three to five students, working on a company-defined project for a four-month semester. Each of the students put in about 10 hours a week on the project. The teams work under the supervision of a GSU faculty member, in concert with a project director from within the company. The faculty member grades the students’ performance with inputs from the company project director. Project teams members are typically not paid.


Interns are students that are carefully matched to the needs of the company, usually done in the semester prior to the beginning of the internship. Interns can be paid or unpaid. For those who have skills that can be immediately employed by the company, the pay is typically $15 to $18 an hour, for 12 to 15 hours a week. Although an internship is for one semester, some companies may wish to hire the intern for a second semester.


Starting this year, GSU is launching a comprehensive co-op program for CIS and computer science students. These co-op students will alternate between on-campus studies and full-time (40-hours/week for six months) work within a company. The pay for the six-month period is approximately $15,000 to $18,000 and co-op students usually work both of the six-month periods for the same company, ensuring that the job skills and work experience grow with each semester. Both domestic and international students are eligible for co-op assignments; and, because IT students are STEM certified, international students are eligible for 29 months of full-time OPT work following graduation.

Adjunct Faculty

Members of your staff – or you, if you like – can be candidates to teach courses at Georgia State. The requirements are that you have a master’s degree in a relevant area (e.g., IT management, not early French literature), are working in professionally relevant area, and that you have a passion for teaching and working with students. The pay is decidedly modest, depending upon qualifications and experience; but the rewards can be life changing. A typical course meets in the evening, once a week for two-and-a-half hours, for 15 weeks, plus an exam week. We will match you with your area of expertise and assign a faculty member to assist you with course preparation.