First Annual SAP Contest

Posted On April 26, 2012
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CIS 8090 summer 2012 SAP ERP simulation participants

CIS 8090 summer 2012 SAP ERP simulation participants 

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Professor Duane Truex’s summer CIS 8090 enterprise architecture course requires a SAP ERP simulation game as the final exam. The SAP ERP simulation was held all day on Saturday, April 21, 2012. The course targets executive decision makers from areas such as operation management, finance, marketing and information systems. The course proposes a “learning-by-doing” approach to learn concepts about IT infrastructure, and more specifically ERP technologies.

Using a simulation game, students are placed in a situation in which they have to run their business with a real-life ERP (mySAP ERP). Each team operates a made-to-stock manufacturing plant that interacts with suppliers and customers by sending and receiving orders, delivering their products and completing the whole cash-to-cash cycle. Using standard reports, they have to make business decisions to ensure the profitability of their operations. This business simulation course is set to last for many weeks and concludes with a one-day business simulation game that takes the place of the regular final exam.

The contest was open to students who had experienced the live SAP simulation via tutorials or in-class instruction. The competition started at 8:30 a.m. and completed at 3:34 p.m. in the Manner’s Room at the Robinson College of Business. There were three volunteers without whom the game would not have been doable. Dr. Truex wants to recognize and thank Ph.D. students Sumantra Sarkar and Arun Aryal, and master’s-level GRAs Ahmed Awad, Brian Davis and Katrina Eddins.

According to Dr. Truex, it was a fun and informative day, competitive and full of hands-on learning.

The results are below:

  • The winning team awarded the top-slot (15 points)
    • Theresa Binienda
    • Sarah Homsi
    • Preetha Sridhar
  • Team with the greatest improvement from dead last to second place in the afternoon competitive rounds (14.1 points)
    • Brian Lumbard
    • Marguerite Antoine
    • Steve Reynolds
  • Greatest handicap (two people bringing in a newbie midstream)
    • Patrick Horace
    • Vasudevan Sreenathan
  • Morning session’s first round winners overturning the leaders in quarter three
    • Ken Agans
    • Brandon Chavis
    • Jake Guerrero

The remaining teams, while not listed here, did very well according to Dr. Truex.