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CIS Internships

The internship option offers undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to get course credit while gaining work experience in a CIS-related technical and/or business area.
Note: The CIS department encourages students to get IT work experience even if they cannot get course credit.

Download CIS 4970 Internship Handbook 

A CIS undergraduate who obtains an internship for course credit (officially called the CIS 4970 Field Study Class) can use the CIS 4970 course to replace the CIS 4980 System Development Projects capstone course. A CIS student who does not seek an internship under CIS 4970 will instead register for the CIS 4980 course. BBA CIS course(s) diagram (look on the right side in the CIS Core Capstone section of this pdf file).


Enrolled students in good academic standing and undergraduates who have completed their required 3000-level courses (3001 IT Project Management, 3300 Systems Analysis, and 3730 Database Management) are eligible to participate in an internship. Internships can be part-time, full-time, paid or unpaid.

Internship Purpose

The CIS internship for class credit option is designed to complement a student’s formal education with practical and meaningful IT-related work experience. It is a unique opportunity for students to clarify employment goals, develop a professional network and learn about a particular industry. Participating corporations are expecting to receive high-quality work and active participation from the students they sponsor. Experience directly related to a student’s CIS major makes the student more marketable when seeking full-time positions after graduating.
Note: Merely working with MS Office software is not sufficient – the internship should be in an IT-related field doing meaningful IT-related work.

Prepare a Semester Ahead

An early search to identify an internship opportunity is recommended.

Essentially, the student must have identified a job/internship AND received faculty approval so that the student can be given permission to register for the appropriate undergraduate (CIS 4970) or graduate (CIS 8391) field study course that provides academic credit to the student for the internship.

Internship course registration is during normal class registration periods, so students interested in an internship must prepare a semester ahead! In other words, if you want to start an internship in the spring, find the job during fall semester.

The department offers online courses during the Summer semester to help students pursue internship opportunities outside Atlanta. Students should still be able to meet all the degree requirements within one year.

Get Course Credit

Basic steps you must take