Information for Employers

Benefits to Employers

  • A ready source of high-quality, highly motivated employees. There are a large number of undergraduate students who are always looking for ways to gain experience in their chosen careers before they graduate.
  • An opportunity to evaluate and pre-train potential full-time employees. Employers have found that internships have given them a chance to see employees early, try them out and test them in the corporate climate before actually offering them a full-time position. Employers have also realized that the training costs for interns are less costly than that of full-time employees who receive full salary and benefits.
  • Employers can provide assistance for permanent company personnel. Students can free full-time salaried personnel from less demanding tasks to work on higher profile/more sophisticated demands, while still challenging the students with special projects that meet their expertise.
  • Improved relations with the university and a chance to positively influence the education of your future employees. Unfortunately, many times business is not privy to the most recent theories in their area, whereas university professors are in the business of knowing those theories. Employers who work with interns have ready access to the students and the new theories they are being taught.On the other hand, many times the university does not have instant access to the most recent practice of the “new” theories. Employers often come to campus for lectures to update students and faculty or invite students and faculty to their facility to introduce them to the theory in practice. In either case, the relationship is mutually beneficial.
  • Internships help high-tech companies groom future employees and give students the chance to develop valuable job skills.


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