CIS 4970 & CIS 8391 – Steps to Take

Find an IT-related position (job) either through your own search efforts, which is what many do, or use the Robinson Career Management Center to help you find an IT-related position. It can be part-time or full-time.

Hint: If you are interested in a particular industry, job function or company, then find someone in that organization who is willing to offer you an internship (temporary, part-time job) for a semester.

A clear understanding of the internship needs to be documented in a proposal. This includes international students doing curricular practical training (CPT). Also, one-year master's students must be in their 2nd semester to register for a field study [internship]. On the header of your paper remember: CIS 4970 is for undergraduate students. CIS 8391 is for graduate students.

Write a proposal describing your internship for the CIS professor. Company and department/unit/division. Objectives. Tasks. Self-directed milestone dates.

Your proposal is where you describe:

  • Semester, year of internship work (e.g. spring semester, 2017 internship)
  • Company and division you will be working for
  • Objectives: What will you learn? Example: I will learn about SQL
  • Tasks: What will you be doing to learn? Example: I will be creating SQL queries using the Oracle database
    Do not just cut and paste a job description, use the formatting examples.
  • Self-directed dates when you will learn/accomplish them over the course of the semester
    (You must identify dates.)

Get the work supervisor contact form signed along with their contact information

[A scanned version of this document may be submitted]

Submit an employment letter or other proof you currently work or will work there.

Please ask your employer to confirm that you are working for them with a letter or email during your semester. A job offer letter on company letterhead, or an email offer, is common. [You can send other proof, such as a scan of your company badge or paycheck. Please mark out, cover, or hide any confidential information.]


Undergraduates, send your proposal to the CIS internship coordinator at: »
Graduates, send your proposal to the CIS internship coordinator at: »

After department approval is given, you will be cleared to register for the field study class, either CIS 4970 or CIS 8391.

Registration for the field study class is during normal registration periods - so you must prepare (get a job and CIS faculty approval) before registration ends if you will be working at your internship during that semester. The internship coordinator will enter permission for you to register after the department is satisfied with your proposal, and you have identified your supervisor and provided proof of employment (job offer).

Note: You will get an "error" if you try to register for CIS 4970 or CIS 8391 without getting approval!

Read the course description to understand your responsibilities and academic tasks/deliverables.

The field study classes have task/deliverables that must be performed during the internship - read the course description.

You will work with your supervising professor on these deliverables.

1. International students in the one-year MSIS and MSISAC programs can start their [CPT] internships in the last two semesters of their study (in most cases it is the second and third terms of their study) because of the requirements of these degrees. As long as it’s in the course catalog as being required, ISSS will approve them to start their second term of study. [For most other international students, not in these one-year programs, they usually wait two academic terms before they can work].
2. International students can do either full-time or part-time [CPT] internships during their last two terms. ISSS will approve them, based on the fact that part-time or full-time work might be required by various jobs.
3. International students can have a GRA position while they are doing internships. However, they can only have a GRA if they have a part-time CPT. Full-time CPT and a GRA and full-time enrollment is simply too much and will not be approved by ISSS.
4. The earliest start date for any employment for a term is the day AFTER the previous term has ended (i.e. the final day of exams found on the GSU academic calendar is counted as the final day of the term for international students.)